Primary product and Modules
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XWINSCT: System Bases. (Code: WBS). 15.53.12. 25

Powerful control system of attendance for the calculation of worked hours.



Optional elements for the system base


Generator and designer of rotations. (Code: WRC)

To companies that handle rotating schedules, it is had a complete method of calendar with powerful tools to design, to modify and to project rotations. This includes reports to publish in the company in order that the employees know their allocations.


Multiuser motor. (Code: WMU)

It allows usuary manifolds to accede simultaneously the system operating the data of the employees to who they have supervision. The users of the system can authorize and approve worked hours, to give pursuit to the situations, audit of modifications, etc. Usuary of only reading and more.


Manager of data bases of employees. (Code: WDB)

(Handling of photographies, directions, telephone, age, profession etc.). This system keeps and consults the personal data regarding the employees of the company allowing to realize many related consultations and reports.


Generator of graphs for results of data. (Code: WGS)

(For graph extra hours by departments, schedules, positions etc., nocturnal hours, delays, attendances, comparative between months etc). A great variety of formats and types of graphs can be obtained on the data of the system.


Module for letter transmission. (Code: WGL)

It prints letters by reprimand based on delays, inasistencia, punctuality, excesses etc. The same can be modified in body and content.


Identity card designer. (Code: WID)

This any common printer under specific Windows or for it allows to print identification cards with bar code being used. It is required to have installed the manager of data bases that includes the photographies of the employees


Generator of labels of bar code. (Code: WRL))

It allows to print bar code for sticky labels that are placed in identification cards that the same client realizes.



Interphase of file conversion and reports (Code: WDC)

It allows to send the reports to formats of email, htm, XML, Ms-Word, Excel, pdf, text, etc.


Designer of own reports. (Code: WRD)

Powerful generator of reports that allows to create and to modify own or existing designs with total graphical capacity and relational databases.


Motor of compilation of programs. (Code: WPC)

This Module allows to make programs within the Xwinsct and to compile them to be parts of the same acceding to variables and data bases to place own menus, processes etc.


Motor of automatic processes. (Code: WAP)

This Module allows to realize of automatic way the processes of the data to hours programmed without intervention of operator. (Processing, Backup, communications, email etc) the Module activates in a server and the reports are sent daily by email or with the frequency that settles down.


System of automatic messages (email). (Code: WMA)

It allows to send automatic messages on the operations of the Xinsct by different situations from a user or group from them. For example”: To log-off automatic by backup ", “The process of data has finished already can enter the system”. A clock has not unloaded the data”, etc. If it wishes to send reports listed on the Internet, must use the interphase of file conversion and reports (WDC), as well as the Module of automatic processes


Modules of data communication. (Code: WCM)

These modules (developed by ABC) allow that xwinsct can directly handle the discharge of data of the capture equipment. This, instead of to use those that come with the manufacturer. They have the great advantage of which they can then conduct the operations of automatic form without intervention of operator avoiding the possibility of human errors that they are reflected in the payment of the hours. Simultaneously it translates automatically the information to the structures needed by the system, so that if no, processes for it from the installer are due to realize. Commonly these modules are 80% more expresses than the ordinary replaced by the manufacturers. Also capture equipment from and/or security system (Biometric, Proximity etc.) can accede to the data bases of different for the feeding of the Xwinsct.

* These modules must be acquired for an equipment or specific software, reason why it is required to know that equipment is had.